Wednesday, June 01, 2005


I really miss sex. I mean I really miss sex.

Not that I have the sex drive that I used to. I mean, it sounds appealing, but nothing works the way that it did before, and one look at my naked body in the mirror kills any thoughts of romance. Still, it would be great to be close to Cindy like that just once more.

We cuddle a lot, in fact, probably more than we used to. She curls up around me and snuggles with me all night long. Sometimes it feels nice, but most of the time I feel smothered. Frankly what I'd really like to do, is to screw the hell out of her, roll over, and fall asleep. That's not a possibility now.

Sometimes early in the morning, when she's hugging me half asleep, I remember what it was like before. When I was a man.

Believe it or not, and you're going to find this very funny, it still gets hard. I get this tiny pink stiffy for hours on end. I've done some experimenting, and my silly erection doesn't lead anywhere. It is extremely frustrating.


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