Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Group Therapy

This afternoon I gave that group therapy thing a try.

We met in the basement of a Catholic church in Rochester, about an hour away. It is very difficult to describe; I found the entire situation incredibly surreal.

In retrospect, I suppose the meeting only served to reinforce what's happened to me, but surely I'm not like them!

About a dozen of us sat arranged on the floor in a semicircle (conventional chairs would certainly have been an issue for some of those people) and one-by-one, we took turns complaining about our lot in life. It was sort of like an alcoholics annonymous meetings in some respects...for instance, I started my little speech like the others before me: "Hi, I'm Joseph, I'm forty-two years old, and I have A.R.V."

Physically, we ranged in ages from twelve to thirty-six months. Christ, what a bunch of freaks!

What really got to me was the way that each of us made our entrance into the room, delivered by a female caretaker. It reminded me of dropping off my kids in day care years ago, except this time I was the kid. I'm not sure, but I think the ladies went into another room and had their own meeting. I much would have preferred attending that one.

I have to confess, I barely heard what the first few even said, I was so mesmerized at the sight of these tiny people maturely articulating their issues. I now understand why people stare at me when I talk.

More soon.


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